cell parts and functions
Most prokaryotic organisms consist of only a single cell, whereas the bodies of eukaryotes such as yourself contain trillions. ansMap[87] = 'A'; They are motile, meaning that they can move. ER bound to ribosomes
Cell membrane. ansMap[60] = 'E'; feedbackText[34] = ''; 'spaces.
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One function of peroxisomes involves the process ' + 'valign=\'baseline\'>
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Select the cell type that is not correctly matched with ' + 'cells.
Eukaryotic cells contain specialized structures called organelles, which include a membrane similar to the one surrounding the whole cell. 'class=\'default\'>All of the above are correct.

'class=\'default\'>These red blood cells have shrunken in response to a hypotonic ' + 'class=\'default\'>It transports water directly out of the ' + answerText[25] = '
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The membrane does not merely keep harmful substances from reaching the interior. 'class=\'default\'>is typically used to transport small nonpolar ' + numberText[15] = '16.


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