dinner at the homesick restaurant summary

Despite this tragedy, Joe remains a pleasant, friendly person. The one theme that both Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant and The Accidental Tourist (both by Anne Tyler) have in common is alienation and loneliness.

Her age does not surprise her. Or getting him to the funeral may be her revenge on him, for she anticipates that he will expose himself to his children as still the vain, weak man she knew him to be decades before. The critic discusses the impact of Beck Tull's desertion on his wife and three children. 14-23.

Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant begins with Pearl Cody Tull’s deathbed reflections and ends with her funeral. These complex recollections make possible and understandable Pearl's most direct confrontation with what she considers to be the family fate. In such a reading, the critic often concentrates on the effect of Beck's absence on each of the children, noting the way that their development and maturity have been damaged by their father's desertion. As Updike perceptively says of Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant, "genetic comedy … deepens into the tragedy of closeness, of familial limitations that work upon us like Greek fates and condemn us to lives of surrender and secret fury." She remembers when her firstborn son Cody developed croup; she told her husband Beck that she wanted “more children […] some extra” (7) in case Cody died. Personal "Beaches on the Moon," a chapter at the center of the novel, shows us Ezra's "tragedy" through his mother's recollections. Fortunately, Jenny realizes the damage she is inflicting and enlists the aid of Pearl to temporarily care for her young daughter. 491-504. Themes From the onset, we find out that Beck has deserted the family. It is implied the marriage failed because it required too much passion. An excellent overview of Tyler biography, themes, and criticism. "If only Einstein were right and time were a kind of river you could choose to step into at any place along the shore," he tells his son Luke.

Intellectual Harley shares at least one similarity with his mother-in-law, Pearl: They are both obsessively organized.

She also loses some of her anger as she makes the transition from middle age to old age. ©2000−2007 BookRags, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. While her husband completed his residency at McGill University in Montreal, Tyler took a job as the assistant to the librarian of McGill's Law Library. Nonetheless, after she leaves home and her first marriage begins to fail, she returns home.

After a long day on her feet at the grocery store, she frequently comes home feeling tired, overworked, put upon, lonely, and frustrated by her limited ability to provide.
Cody has "stolen" his brother Ezra's fiancee, Ruth Spivey, a "country cook" from the West Virginia hills. Taken together, they allow the reader to follow each of the children through adulthood. Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant follows the lives of the Tull family and recounts their experiences and hardships whilst centering around a dinner at the homesick restaurant which is only able to occur at the end of the novel. When Mrs. Scarlatti dies, she leaves the restaurant to Ezra, who renames it The Homesick Restaurant. Moreover, had a clear-eyed realist—or a female Homer—told the Odysseus story, Penelope would, I suspect, have had the final line in that epic.

She's grown used to it by now. Tyler's world is in fact something like Pascal's, but without a god toward whom to make a leap of faith. Determined to be a happier person, Jenny decides to "make it through on a slant. Having witnessed the worst of her mother as a child, Jenny realizes they have some things in common. From present tense narration the chapter shifts to past perfect and then to past tense, as Pearl recalls Ezra's grief. The image has come down to us from Odysseus, is seen in American fiction in a character such as James Fenimore Cooper's Natty Bumppo, and has received wide circulation through western movie heroes such as Shane and the Lone Ranger. Beck's arrival in the closing pages of the book provides the missing ingredient that each has struggled to find throughout the book. Originally a cook in The Homesick Restaurant and fiancee to Ezra Tull, she ultimately marries his brother Cody after he pursues her relentlessly. Physically, he is a combination of Beck, Cody, and Ezra Tull, but temperamentally, he is more rational than any of them. One of Jenny Tull's stepchildren, an intelligent but troubled teenager. Pearl, however, is the only one who grasps Cody's real motivation: to steal away his brother's bride-to-be simply for the sport, the competition.

Snowdie continues to contribute to community life but maintains a personal distance.


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