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“Best zombie movie I’ve seen in forever. All Rights Reserved. Light discovers instructions in the book stating that if the owner writes down a person’s name, that person will die. What, like you haven't accidentally summoned the supernatural while on a weekend trip before? After hearing a young boy's cry for help, a sister and brother venture into a vast field of tall grass in Kansas but soon discover there may be no way out...and that something evil lurks within. Ostensibly directed by horror icon Tobe Hooper (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre), legend has it that producer Steven Spielberg was the actual filmmaker behind Poltergeist, but couldn’t receive an official credit because of a stipulation in his contract for E.T. Apologies to some of those titles, but none of these adaptations stuck the landing as well as The Addams Family. Things get more complicated when she befriends a boy. The movie that put Sam Raimi on the map, The Evil Dead is one of the most influential and oft-imitated horror thrillers of the last 40 years, a gory supernatural assault that counts author Stephen King as one of its biggest fans. “That’s how I get them.” Trick or treat? Like Green Room, consider this one light viewing. While Light initially does not have any intention to use the powerful item, the notebook’s owner Ryuk convinces Light otherwise. Come for the murderous paintings, stay for Gyllenhaal doing his best bug-eyed Nicolas Cage impression as a man who lives without limits. The Netflix original—which is based on the book of the same name—stars Stanley Tucci and Kiernan Shipka. It’s officially Spooky Season, and Netflix has plenty of scary offerings to scare you witless in the run up to Halloween. From Adam Sandler’s newest horror comedy to a classic best picture winner on the cusp of a major anniversary, here are some of the best scary movies to watch in October. Between the late 1980s and late 1990s, series like Dragnet, The Brady Bunch, McHale’s Navy, The Beverly Hillbillies, Car 54, Where Are You?, Maverick, Lost In Space, Mr. Magoo, and Leave It To Beaver all received the big-screen treatment. Ruth Wilson stars in this Netflix film about a young nurse who takes care of an elderly author who lives in a haunted house. Its similarly strong sequel, Addams Family Values, is available on Amazon Prime Video. — Not a subscriber? (SPOILER ALERT!) A young F.B.I. Watch Jennifer Lawrence in this thriller. Set in the Pacific Northwest, director Jeremy Saulnier’s breakout thriller is about a punk band (including the late Anton Yelchin and Alia Shawkat) who fights for survival against a group of violent white supremacists. For more film and TV suggestions, check out these editor-approved shows and movies you can add to your list. However, Morticia (Anjelica Huston) begins to notice that Fester isn’t who he claims to be after he fails to recall moments of the real Fester’s life. In the aftermath, King wrote a review of the film that urged distributors to pick it up. © 2020 Condé Nast. However, after settling in, they realize that they are not alone. Angelica Houston, Christina Ricci, and Christopher Lloyd star in the 1998 version of this dark comedy. Unbeknownst to them, their grim and lascivious landlord has been spying on them from day one. “I don’t think of this as a collection, more a random chaos of clothes.”. Will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Ad Choices. When college freshman Sara arrives on campus for the first time, she befriends her roommate, Rebecca, unaware that the girl is becoming dangerously obsessed with her. A double murder is not an accident. Carrie White is a lonely and painfully shy teenage girl with telekinetic powers who is slowly pushed to the edge of insanity by frequent bullying from both her classmates and her domineering, religious mother. As interesting off-screen as it is onscreen. The disruptive kicks first appeared on the designer’s SS19 runway. Olivia meets a guy at a bar named Sam (Landon Liboiron), who invites her and her friends to go play a harmless game of truth or dare. more. 13 Halloween Movies on Netflix That Are Spooky as Hell This story has been shared 1,068 times. To revisit this article, select My⁠ ⁠Account, then View saved stories. Katie Holmes is far from Capeside! 36 Best Pumpkin Farms to Visit This Autumn, 30 Best Fall Flowers and Plants for Your Yard, 10 Charming Country Products by Black-Owned Brands, I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House, These Fall Soups Will Warm You up All Season Long, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. The Addams Family (1991) What one family might consider the perfect Halloween movie to watch with teens, another might consider totally out of bounds. became Hollywood’s coin of the realm, old television shows were what got turned into movies. Ahead, the best and newest horror movies to watch on the platform this fall, once doom-scrolling Twitter has lost its edge. “Without that, the movie may have been lost, but with Stephen King's endorsement, we were able to make our first sales.”. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly Halloween movie or a super scary film, we’ve got you covered with our favorite Halloween movies on Netflix. If you buy from a link, we may earn a commission. But we know that the holiday dedicated to thrills and chills can sometimes be too much for some youngsters to handle. Others might be more interested spending their hours viewing zombie or the best vampire movies. Megan Stein is the senior editor for The Pioneer Woman, and oversees entertainment, features, and news for the website. Something strange is going on there. As people start to disappear, Hubie tries to convince the local police (Kevin James and Kenan Thompson) and townsfolk that monsters are among them. ), where he's supposed to receive an experimental treatment. After a series of traumatic events at school and at home driving Carrie furious, she discovers that she has telekinetic powers. Watch Silence of the Lambs again before its 30th anniversary in February of next year. Before the Robert Zemeckis version of Roald Dahl’s The Witches arrives on HBO Max with Anne Hathaway in a starring role, relive childhood nightmares by returning to the Nicolas Roeg original. Thrillers are always a draw for those who like a little mystery, while some bolder folks might enjoy a classic horror flick with these 50 best Halloween movies. Thrillers are always a draw for those who like a little mystery, while some bolder folks might enjoy a classic horror flick with these 50 best Halloween movies. Thankfully, there are plenty of scares to go around with this round up of Halloween movies on Netflix, and they’re bound to satisfy all types of viewers. As part of the technology giant’s push to reduce its carbon footprint. While we won’t be able to celebrate Halloween like we normally would this year due to COVID-19, there are other ways to get into the spooky spirit at home, such as watching Netflix‘s lineup of new and old scary movies.Whether you’re into classic horror films or you’re looking for light-hearted content, our list below is guaranteed to make you feel festive on October 31. This year, more than ever, you might be tempted to stay home and curl up with some creepy movies. In this Netflix film, couple stops at a gas station, where their 6 year old daughter's arm is fractured. In 1905, a drifter on a dangerous mission to rescue his kidnapped sister tangles with a sinister religious cult on an isolated island. All rights reserved. Vanity Fair may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. Determined to salvage the relationship, Malcolm hires paranormal experts to help get rid of the demonic spirit trapped inside Kisha’s body. In adding HYPEBEAST to your ad blocker's whitelist, ads on our sites will show while you continue to browse. Washed-up true-crime writer Ellison Oswalt, played by Ethan Hawke, finds a box of Super 8 home movies, which suggest the murder he's currently researching is the work of a serial killer whose work dates back to the 1960s. The debut film from director Babak Anvari, this Persian language supernatural thriller takes place in post-revolution Tehran in the 1980s and concerns a mother and child haunted by a ghostly apparition. Natalie Dormer plays a woman who goes into Japan's Suicide Forest to find her twin sister and confronts supernatural terror. The wife and daughter go missing. cadet must receive the help of an incarcerated and manipulative cannibal killer to help catch another serial killer, a madman who skins his victims. Sandra Bullock plays a mother who makes a desperate attempt with her two kids to reach safety after an “unseen presence” has taken out most of society. More about us. A total crowd-pleaser,” he wrote in 2016. Here's a Netflix film based on the novella by Stephen King and Joe Hill. “I didn’t really look at straight horror because I guess I don't see The Invitation as straight horror,” Kusama said in an interview, citing movies such as The Parallax View, The Celebration, and Rosemary’s Baby as influences. Leave it to a guidance counselor with a sixth sense to learn all she can about the school's past from—who else?—a ghost. Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld and starring Anjelica Huston and Raul Julia, the 1991 horror-comedy is the best Tim Burton movie Tim Burton never made—and certainly the only one with a theme song by MC Hammer. Based on Stephen King and Joe Hill’s 2012 novella of the same name, In the Tall Grass centers on siblings Becky (Laysla De Oliveira) and Cal DeMuth (Avery Whitted) who hear a young boy crying for help within a field of tall grass. Back before superhero I.P. (We've even added some not-so-scary ones for the kids.) The Extra-Terrestrial. For your annual viewing of Hocus Pocus and more age-appropriate Halloween entertainment, check out these Disney Plus Halloween movies. A mixture of Attack the Block and The Lost Boys, this new horror-comedy imagines what would happen if vampires were to invade the New York City borough—using the premise to unpack gentrification through thinly veiled satire. So, you know, pure fiction. Download the HYPEBAE app now to get the latest news in women’s streetwear, fashion and An all-girls Catholic school gets a disturbing awakening when a student commits suicide. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, 29 Best-Selling Halloween Decorations on Amazon, 22 Cute Halloween Pajamas for the Whole Family, These Are America's Favorite Halloween Candies, 17 Ways to Decorate a Halloween Christmas Tree, 31 Best Corn Mazes Near You to Visit This Fall, Freeform's 31 Nights of Halloween Schedule is Here. Feeling completely terrified, Cole discovers that Bee and her friends are part of a satanic cult who plan on killing him. While we won’t be able to celebrate Halloween like we normally would this year due to COVID-19, there are other ways to get into the spooky spirit at home, such as watching Netflix‘s lineup of new and old scary movies. However, what they aren’t aware of is that the game is possessed by an evil spirit — it forces them to share their deepest, darkest secrets and perform life-threatening dares. editor-approved shows and movies you can add to your list. 1,068 Bill Maher Implores Dems To Make Amy Coney … “During one of these marketing screenings at the Cannes film festival, where there were different distributors watching the films trying to make their judgments as to what they’ll buy that year, Stephen King was in the audience, and we heard, ‘Oh, he was really screaming and shouting during the movie,’” Raimi recalled in 2015. After agreeing to babysit Jacob Zellman (Ian Ho) on Halloween, high school freshman Kelly Ferguson (Tamara Smart) gets unexpectedly recruited by an international secret society of babysitters who protect kids with special powers from monsters.


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