hollow point bullet wound

I worked in the ER of a level 1 trauma center for several years, and I've seen a LOT of gunshot patients ... including people shot with a .45. | Since a hollow-point bullet expands when it enters soft tissue, it creates a larger wound channel inside the target, increasing the chances that incapacitating damage will be done. Again, DO NOT point any weapon at any object you do not intend to shoot. Hollow points, for example, create a larger cavity upon impact. Shop This has become the standard military loading in the United States where it is designated as the M855. A typical 9mm handgun can propel a bullet down range at speeds around 900 mph, and with that small 115-grain bullet comes a tremendous amount of momentum. The military cartridge was initially loaded with a 55-gr. That's right, just 2mm larger in diameter than a 9mm. It can actually be hard to tell them apart sometimes if the bullet is fired from further away than contact distance. A very large round over half-an-inch wide and an inch-and-a-quarter long, the Gyrojet round had a primer that ignited four canted rocket boosters, sending the entire projectile downrange at the target.

Once it has been fired, it cannot be recalled, and if there is someone or something precious to you beyond the "bad guy," he/she/it may be destroyed in the process. Figure 7.22 (A) Fired Russian 7.62 x 39 soft-point bullet with plastic wad extruding from base. Express rifles used larger powder charges and lighter bullets than typical for the time to achieve very high velocities for black powder cartridges. These were not the first expanding bullets, however; hollow-point expanding bullets were commonly used for hunting thin-skinned game in express rifles as early as the mid-1870s. In addition to expansion, some hollow points are also designed to fragment, causing multiple wound channels and even greater physical harm. This was caused by the heat of the round as it contacted the victim’s skin. The physics of a bullet are quite different in real life compared to what you might see in movies, and surviving a gunshot wound is far from impossible. If it is a simple through and through with no structural or vascular damage, it will be a fairly easy thing to recover from. There was a time when the terminal ballistics of .45 ACP were much better than with 9mm, but that was not because the .45 was so good, but because the 9mm wasn't. The wider a bullet is, the bigger the cavity is in whatever it passes through. If the bullet strikes only soft tissue the wound will likely be less traumatic, unless, of course, it compromises a major blood vessel. Example: Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald at pretty much contact distance. This leads to a living target being incapacitated faster.

It is generally loaded with 100, 130 or 150 gr. Fiction – Mystery, Crime Fiction, Police Procedural, Literary Fiction, Romantic Suspense, Fantasy, Science Fiction Nonfiction – Police Procedure, Forensics, Narrative Nonfiction. The rounds (bullets) in the photograph below are hollow point rounds similar in design to those fired from the pistol pictured above. Permanent Wound Channel. Next is the foreign matter carried into the wound path from clothing. By the way, a photo of a gunshot wound appears below. The .223 Remington cartridge was introduced in the Armalite AR-15 rifle (the precursor of the M-16) in 1957. Additionally, since the expansion drastically slows the bullet down inside the target, there's less chance it will simply blast through the target. [22][24] One example of a war crime involving expanding ammunition is the August 1941 German killing of Soviet prisoners at Zhitomir, as a human experiment with captured Red Army materiel. Muzzle energy is 1045 ft-lbs (1383 J). I’ve seen shooting victims get up and run after they’d been shot several times. Since their invention in the tenth century, engineers, soldiers and tinkerers have constantly tried to make firearms more deadly. And, for goodness sake, people don’t fly twenty feet backward after they’ve been struck by a bullet or shotgun blast. Hollow Point Bullet Wound.

Bullets can easily go through car doors, wooden tables, 55-gallon drums, and drywall. This question originally appeared on Quora. Jacketed Hollow Point Bullets. bullet.

For this reason they are used for hunting and by most police departments, but are generally prohibited for use in war. There might easily be some scorching of the edges of the hole, and the same particulate matter that causes the external stippling would also be blown into the wound. Did the bullet not bounce around inside of you, ping-ponging off of your bones? It was introduced in the early 1970s for the AK-74 rifle which replaced the AK-47. In fact, even if no vital structures are hit and there is minimal blood loss, there is still a very high risk of wound infection, and treatment would necessarily include IV antibiotics. Only high-velocity rounds (those with an impact velocity of 2,000 feet per second or more) with soft or hollow points reliably offer fragmentation. These would often flatten upon impact with the target, causing a larger wound than the original diameter of the ball. Since the Mark II jacket did not cover the base of the round this could potentially lead to the jacketing being left in the barrel. The expansion itself is sometimes called mushrooming. Examples are use of appropriately expanding bullets in hunting in which it is desirable to stop the animal quickly, either to prevent loss of a game animal or to ensure a humane death of the animal, and in law enforcement or self-defence if quickly neutralising an aggressor may be needed to prevent further loss of life or the bullet must remain inside the target to prevent collateral damage.

Jacketed hollow points are considerably more lethal than regular bullet ammunition. Another significant fact to be remembered concerning exit wounds is that the shape of an exit wound does not correlate with the type of bullet used, e.g., roundnose, hollow-point. They just fall down and bleed. Jack Carr Talks Books, Military Service While Shooting Long Range, WATCH: Jack Carr Unboxes a Hemingway Typewriter, Talks ‘Savage Son’, Ruger American Rifle: Taking Bucks With One of the Most Diverse Rifles. At contact distance, if the bullet encountered bone, the bone would almost certainly be smashed by the bullet. Within the British Indian Army, the Dum Dum Arsenal produced a solution: the jacketing was removed from the nose of the bullet, creating the first soft point bullets. If it hits bone, expect much more damage. Civilian cartridges are loaded with either soft-point or hollow-point bullets weighing from 40 to 69 gr. Dum dums consist of an ordinary copper jacketed lead bullet with the lead exposed at the nose, usually through a deep x-shaped cut in the nose. According to the International Committee of the Red Cross's customary international law study, customary international law now prohibits their use in any armed conflicts. Also notice the charred flesh around the wound. It does NOT knock the person over backwards. Dr. Sydney Vail is a trauma surgeon and one of the nation's leading authorities on tactical medicine and the care of gunshot victims. If "shoulder" includes the area near the terminus of the collarbone, there is the possibility of a pneumothorax (collapsed lung).

I am also a certifiable gun nut who owns and shoots (and carries) several pistols in .45 ACP. Shot placement is KING, even with hollowpoints. [9] The use of the term "Dum-dum" applied to expanding bullets other than the early .303 designs is considered slang by most ammunition and ballistics sources. | For this reason expanding bullets are often used in hunting because their stopping power increases the chance of a quick kill. [16], In 1898, the German government lodged a protest against the use of the Mark IV bullet, claiming the wounds produced by the Mark IV were excessive and inhumane, thus violating the laws of war. But FMJs will often exit the body, producing an exit wound of near equal diameter to the entrance wound. Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site. So I am going to assume that by "point blank" the original poster means "contact distance," which could be defined as that distance as which the muzzle is within a few inches or less of the target. The round passed through the self-healing wall tiles, striking the concrete and steel wall on the the other side. How do you treat a bullet wound by yourself? In short, a bullet does a lot of damage when it contacts a human body. They include sudden catastrophic loss of blood pressure (perforated aorta or femoral artery), catastrophic CNS damage (brain/spinal cord injury), and catastrophic skeletal failures (femoral or pelvic fractures, for instance). If the wound is on the chest, it’s important not to let air inside the cavity; this may collapse the lung (hampering breathing via a sucking chest wound). [25], Because the Hague Convention applies only to the use of expanding bullets in war, the use of expanding rounds remains legal in other circumstances unless it is restricted or prohibited by local laws. According to the National Safety Council, your overall odds of dying from a firearms discharge this year are about one in 514,000. Normally, bullets are sent flying out of the barrel of a gun by the burning of gunpowder. THAT is why there is not much difference in the wounding potential of a 9mm versus a .45 ACP. [6][7][8] There were several expanding bullets produced by this arsenal for the .303 British cartridge, including soft-point and hollow-point designs. Write For Us


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