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Eastenders fans think Woodyatt will join the 2020 line-up for this year's season of Strictly Come Dancing if he leaves the soap. Cindy Williams (1989-97)Melanie Healy (1999-2000)Laura Dunn (2001-04)Jane Clarke (2007-11, 2015-17) Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) has been juggling a fair few secrets in EastEnders – from money worries through to the horrific fact that he locked Dennis Rickman in … As a result, Steven sets fire to the restaurant, trapping Jane inside.

Ian is thrilled when Michelle returns. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Is Ian Beale leaving Eastenders? After opening a fish and chip shop, Ian becomes so obsessed with building his business empire that he neglects Cindy, who decides to leave him for his half-brother, David Wicks. Ian and Tina break up when Tina's parents make an unannounced visit and are unhappy with their living conditions, so they take Tina to Ilford. She proposes to him but later cheats on him with Steve Owen. La nouvelle émission dérivée, animée par Stacey Dooley, voit le présentateur interviewer les membres originaux de la distribution à propos de leur passage sur le feuilleton à succès BBC One. Carl is violent, and burns Ian's hand when he tries to refuse to pay him before promising that the debt will be paid if Ian lies in court, and says that he saw Max tampering with the brakes of Carl's car. Ian is thrilled when Michelle returns. [FAN DISCUSSION]. Grandmothers A point is going to be reached when Ian is going to have to assert himself as himself. Mark FowlerMichelle FowlerMartin FowlerElizabeth BealeConor FlahertyTony HillsSarah Hills Nina Harris However, while Jane is rescued, Steven dies from a liver bleed. Businessman Chef ». Ian is adamant that Bobby's role in the murder will not be made public and confronts Sharon when she discovers the truth.

Adam joue Ian Beale sur EastEnders depuis 1985 et a fait partie de plusieurs intrigues choquantes au fil des ans. Lucy Beale She suggests that Ian Beale is a "major representation of a young man" of that era, and that his sensitive portrayal by Adam Woodyatt is "perhaps unrecognised". La BBC et Adam ont refusé de répondre aux demandes de commentaires, affirme la publication.

[10] Brake suggests that a particularly memorable scene included Ian furiously throwing bricks through the window of the house, followed by one of his crutches.
Ian tried to understand and dress up to please his son, but several conflicts in February 2020 caused him to throw Bobby out.

Pete Beale After Cindy gets into a car with two strange men, feeling she has no home, a concerned Ian phones the police.
This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Ian wins custody of their children, and makes Cindy so miserable that she hires John Valecue, a hitman to kill him. Pourtant, les observateurs de savon étaient plus distraits par la perte de poids stupéfiante d’Adam avec la reine du savon de This Morning, Sharon Marshall, également impressionnée, Elle a plaisanté: «  Gillian Taylforth n’a pas vieilli depuis un million d’années mais Adam Woodyatt, je pense, a l’air très svelte, après le verrouillage.

Directed by Matthew Evans, Brake suggests that these episodes not only brought the story to a shocking climax but also laid roots for the next three months' worth of storylines, building up to Cindy and Simon's departure, and Ian's spectacular fall from grace. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience.

Cindy marries Ian and claims that the baby she is expecting, Steven Beale, is his, resulting in Ian attempting suicide when he learns the truth. Jane later learns the truth and decides to steal Ian's money and leave him. Later, Lauren warns Ian to watch his back as Max may be out for revenge, and a broken Max visits Ian and says he will kill him and Phil for making him suffer in prison. Et dans un prochain épisode du spin-off, Stacey, 33 ans, interviewe Adam et sa co-star Gillian Taylforth, qui a joué sa mère Kathy Beale au fil des ans. Ian is a member of the first family of EastEnders, the Beales and Fowlers, and Holland took the inspiration for some of the series' earliest characters from his own London family and background. Struggling with their grief, Ian and Jane share a passionate encounter, giving Ian hope that they might reunite. It eventually leads to a relationship when he confides in her about his life on the streets. She has lost touch with reality – but in the end she can't see any other way of escaping Ian. Une source de la BBC a informé le Daily Star de la pause et a déclaré que cela était dû à un complot sur le feuilleton de la BBC. A week later, after visiting Bobby in prison and telling him not to appeal his sentence, Ian receives a threatening note from Max, saying that he will never forget what Ian did.

Pets Cela vient au moment où il est taquiné Le secret du tueur de Ian sera enfin exposé au meilleur ami Sharon Mitchell. Ian tries to convince Denise to put Patrick in a care home, fearful of his secret. However, when Phil and Keanu's fight leads the boat to crash, Ian instantly goes to rescue Dennis; despite Ian’s best efforts, Dennis dies and Ian is left feeling guilty. Ian was created by Tony Holland and Julia Smith as one of EastEnders' original characters. Ian leaves early with Peter to see her, but is unable due to his grief.

Sharon becomes interested in Simon Wicks (Nick Berry), who was believed to be Ian's half-brother, but they remain close friends. Ian and Jane temporarily separate over Ian's reluctance to adopt a child. Jane returns with the news that Bobby is missing—he is found on Walford Common—he wants to return to Walford and Jane agrees. Kim discovers this and disowns her sister, so Ian allows Denise to stay with him, igniting a friendship between them. 19 February 1985 However, when Max is arrested and charged for the murder, Jane begins to contemplate telling the truth when she feels guilty for not being able to help Carol prove Max's innocence. Adam joue Ian Beale sur EastEnders depuis 1985 et a fait partie de plusieurs intrigues choquantes au fil des ans. Michelle crashes her car into Ian's fish and chip shop, for which he has no buildings insurance. Mother In January 2014, just as Ian is about to propose to Denise, Jane arrives unannounced. He begins a casual relationship with his nanny, Laura Dunn, but only commits to her after being declared bankrupt. Other names Despite Dennis being responsible for Bobby's cyberbullying, Ian was devastated when Kathy told him Dennis didn't make it, and blamed himself for his death. Ian receives texts from Rainie Cross that he hides them from Denise. Ian meets a new romantic interest, Jane Collins, in 2004. Mirror Online a contacté EastEnders pour obtenir des commentaires.

Laura's son Bobby (Kevin Curran) requires a blood transfusion shortly after his birth, making Laura realise that Ian must be his father, as her lover Garry Hobbs (Ricky Groves) is not a match. Ian decides to open a restaurant, though Lucy is worried it will fail because of his mental illness.

Tina Hopkins (1987) Ronnie Bains (1992) Janine Butcher (2002) Glenda Mitchell (2006) Mandy Salter (2011-12)Denise Fox (2012-14)Rainie Cross (2014)Jean Slater (2018-19) He helps her to come to terms with the death of her husband, David Collins from Huntington's disease, and, although their relationship is severely tested when Jane has a brief affair with Phil's brother, Grant Mitchell, they marry in July 2007. Ian Beale, Walford, London. He starts several businesses and buys a local café soon after graduating from catering college. Ian delivers her baby daughter, and agrees that she can live with him. [14] In 2009, Ian Beale came ninth in a poll by British men's magazine Loaded for "Top Soap Bloke".

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Ian worries when Max returns, but Max tells him and Jane that he has forgiven them. Suspecting that she is planning to leave him, Ian manipulates her by falsely claiming that Lucy is dying from lymphoma.

Ian and Jane temporarily separate over Ian's reluctance to adopt a child. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Laura forgives Ian on the condition that they have a baby. He has been keeping his 35,000 followers up to date on Instagram, taking photos of his many lockdown bike rides. In January 2014, just as Ian is about to propose to Denise, Jane arrives unannounced.

Jane admits that Bobby accidentally killed Lucy by hitting her over the head with a jewellery box.

He is the most married character in the history of EastEnders, having been married five times to four different women, and has also had two failed engagements. Ian sparks a friendly rivalry with Denise Fox (Diane Parish) as the two engage in a fruit-selling war, though he irritates her. Max's employer eventually purchases the chip shop, despite it arousing Ian's suspicions. Jane pays Carol to look after Cindy and Ian finds out from Carol after an argument with her. He runs out of money for construction but then finds a box of cash that used to belong to Derek Branning. Whitney Dean (adoptive)Tiffany Butcher

She decides to move in with her father and takes a disliking to Mandy. EastEnders a diffusé son émission finale en juin après avoir manqué d’épisodes en raison de la crise du COVID-19 avec Secrets From The Square remplaçant les points manquants ; Par Olivia Wheeler pour Mailonline . Wow: Les fans d’EastEnders ont été choqués mardi après que la star de Ian Beale, Adam Woodyatt, ait montré sa perte de poids dans un nouveau clip de spoiler (photo mardi, à gauche et avant, à droite). EastEnders spoilers: Phil Mitchell forces Ben to step back from work? Laura dies in 2004, breaking her neck after falling down the stairs. The script, written by Debbie Cook, led to a confrontation that EastEnders' writer Colin Brake has suggested contained elements of tragedy and farce. He confronts her and admits she is the child he is most proud of, but this is overheard by Peter, resulting in Lucy storming out. Uncles Ben confesses to murdering Heather and is remanded in custody, leaving Ian shocked. Ian wins custody of their children, and makes Cindy so miserable that she hires John Valecue (Steve Weston), a hitman to kill him.


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