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By 2010, cost over-runs were impacting other projects, though JWST itself remained on schedule. Other major features of the observatory were unchanged. [8][9] The telescope must be kept very cold in order to observe in the infrared without interference, so it will be deployed in space near the Earth–Sun L2 Lagrange point, and a large sunshield made of silicon-coated and aluminium-coated Kapton will keep its mirror and instruments below 50 K (−223.2 °C; −369.7 °F). Another example is Hubble's Near Infrared Camera and Multi-Object Spectrometer (NICMOS) instrument, which started out using a block of nitrogen ice that depleted after a couple of years, but was then converted to a cryocooler that worked continuously. [51] It was assembled in California by 2015, and after that it had to be integrated with the rest of the space telescope leading up to its planned 2021 launch. Wat als eerste opvalt, is de enorme spiegel op de telescoop. GO programs will be selected through peer review by a Time Allocation Committee (TAC), similar to the proposal review process used for the Hubble Space Telescope.

[136], Infrared radiation can pass more freely through regions of cosmic dust that scatter visible light. [142] The GTO program provides guaranteed observing time for scientists who developed hardware and software components for the observatory.

[73] ESA is contributing about €300 million, including the launch,[74] and the Canadian Space Agency about $39 million Canadian. A total of 460 hours of observing time was awarded to these 13 programs, which span science topics including the Solar System, exoplanets, stars and star formation, nearby and distant galaxies, gravitational lenses, and quasars. Similar to how Hubble is operated, anyone, anywhere in the world, will be allowed to submit proposals for observations. The bandwidth and digital throughput of the satellite is designed to operate at 458 gigabits of data per day for the length of the mission. Northrop Grumman's Astro Aerospace business unit has been contracted to build the Deployable Tower Assembly (DTA) which connects the OTE to the spacecraft bus and the Mid Boom Assembly (MBA) which helps to deploy the large sunshields on orbit. In addition, there is a fast steering mirror which can adjust its position many times per second to provide image stabilization. In exchange for full partnership, representation and access to the observatory for its astronomers, ESA is providing the NIRSpec instrument, the Optical Bench Assembly of the MIRI instrument, an Ariane 5 ECA launcher, and manpower to support operations. [2][36] Eighteen primary mirror segments, secondary, tertiary and fine steering mirrors, plus flight spares have been fabricated and polished by Ball Aerospace & Technologies based on beryllium segment blanks manufactured by several companies including Axsys, Brush Wellman, and Tinsley Laboratories. [59], In contrast to other proposed observatories, most of which have already been canceled or put on hold, including Terrestrial Planet Finder (2011), Space Interferometry Mission (2010), International X-ray Observatory (2011), MAXIM (Microarcsecond X-ray Imaging Mission), SAFIR (Single Aperture Far-Infrared Observatory), SUVO (Space Ultraviolet-Visible Observatory), and the SPECS (Submillimeter Probe of the Evolution of Cosmic Structure), the JWST is the last big NASA astrophysics mission of its generation to be built. [48] The computer also controls the pointing and moment of the spacecraft, taking in sensor data from the gyroscopes and star tracker, and sending the necessary commands to the reaction wheels or thrusters depending. Even where the atmosphere is transparent, many of the target chemical compounds, such as water, carbon dioxide, and methane, also exist in the Earth's atmosphere, vastly complicating analysis. [2][3] The James Webb Space Telescope (sometimes called JWST or Webb) is an orbiting infrared observatory that will complement and extend the discoveries of the Hubble Space Telescope, with longer wavelength coverage and greatly improved sensitivity.

The James Webb Space Telescope is designed to cool itself without a dewar, using a combination of sunshield and radiators with the mid-infrared instrument using an additional cryocooler. New technological frontiers have been pioneered by the project, and it has passed its design reviews. ", "James Webb Space Telescope. [93][97][111], One reason for the early cost growth is that it is difficult to forecast the cost of development, and in general budget predictability improved when initial development milestones were achieved. For this reason the JWST's instruments will not measure visible or ultraviolet light like the Hubble Telescope, but will have a much greater capacity to perform infrared astronomy. Vandaar dat de telescoop geschikt is gemaakt voor waarnemingen met golflengtes van 0,6 tot 28 micrometer. [52], The Spacecraft Bus is on the Sun-facing "warm" side and operates at a temperature of about 300 K.[49] Everything on the Sun facing side must be able to handle the thermal conditions of JWST's halo orbit, which has one side in continuous sunlight and the other in the shade of the spacecraft sunshield.

[39], Cost growth revealed in spring 2005 led to an August 2005 re-planning. [48], The structure of the Spacecraft Bus must support the 6.5-ton space telescope, while it itself weighs 350 kg (about 770 lb). Zijn hitteschild is zodanig ontworpen dat het aan de koude kant -223 °C kan zijn terwijl aan de andere kant stikstof gekookt kan worden. The remaining technology development item (the MIRI cryocooler) completed its technology maturation milestone in April 2007. Get the latest updates on NASA missions, watch NASA TV live, and learn about our quest to reveal the unknown and benefit all humankind.

[26] The shielding maintains a stable temperature throughout the structures on the dark side, which is critical to maintaining precise alignment of the primary mirror segments.

Ball Aerospace & Technologies has been subcontracted to develop and build the Optical Telescope Element (OTE).

[108], Some scientists have expressed concerns about growing costs and schedule delays for the Webb telescope, which competes for scant astronomy budgets and thus threatens funding for other space science programs. Because the universe is expanding, as the light travels it becomes red-shifted, and objects at extreme distances are therefore easier to see if viewed in the infrared. [128], The JWST will be located near the second Lagrange point (L2) of the Earth-Sun system, which is 1,500,000 kilometres (930,000 mi) from Earth, directly opposite to the Sun.

[38], The Integrated Science Instrument Module (ISIM) is a framework that provides electrical power, computing resources, cooling capability as well as structural stability to the Webb telescope. In 2002, it was renamed after NASA's second administrator (1961–1968) James E. Webb (1906–1992), noted for playing a key role in the Apollo program and establishing scientific research as a core NASA activity. NASA stated that the SIDECAR ASIC will include all the functions of a 9.1 kilograms (20 lb) instrument box in a 3 cm package and consume only 11 milliwatts of power. SpaceX says its new Starship has the ability to deliver satellites and space telescopes even larger than the James Webb and is designed to reach Mars orbit. It is made with bonded graphite-epoxy composite attached to the underside of Webb's telescope structure.

JWST History: 1989-1994", "James Webb Space Telescope observatory is assembled", "No damage to JWST after vibration test anomaly", "NASA's Webb Telescope Faces More Setbacks", "The James Webb Space Telescope will produce first of its kind, world-class science.

[81] Final construction of the Webb telescope was completed in November 2016, after which extensive testing procedures began. De James Webb zal gebouwd en onderhouden worden door NASA met hulp van ESA en CSA. De primaire spiegel bestaat uit 18 elementen uit beryllium, gecoat met een laag goud.

I'm looking forward to the launch of this historic mission", "NASA Completes Webb Telescope Review, Commits to Launch in Early 2021", "NASA's next great space telescope is stuck on Earth after screwy errors", "NASA Delays James Webb Telescope Launch Date, Again – The universe will have to wait a little longer", "Starship - Service to Earth orbit, Moon, Mars and beyond", "Hubble Still Wows At 25, But Wait Till You See What's Next", "NASA announces more delays for giant space telescope", "Science Instruments of NASA's James Webb Space Telescope Successfully Installed", "NASA's James Webb Space Telescope Primary Mirror Fully Assembled", "NASA's James Webb Space Telescope Secondary Mirror Installed", "JWST: Integrated Science Instrument Module (ISIM)", "James Webb Space Telescope Near Infrared Camera", "NIRCam for the James Webb Space Telescope", "NIRSpec – the near-infrared spectrograph on JWST", "James Webb Space Telescope Mid-Infrared Instrument Cooler systems engineering", "NASA's James Webb Space Telescope Gets 'Spacewired'", "Integrated Science Instrument Module (ISIM)", "James Webb Space Telescope spacecraft inches towards full assembly", "How cold can you go?

Zo zal hij geplaatst worden op het tweede zon - aarde Lagrangepunt L2. Deze is zo’n 6,5 meter breed en in staat om zelfs heel zwak infraroodlicht op te vangen.

[49], Another important aspect of the Spacecraft Bus is the central computing, memory storage, and communications equipment. In summer 2010, the mission passed its Critical Design Review (CDR) with excellent grades on all technical matters, but schedule and cost slips at that time prompted Maryland US Senator Barbara Mikulski to call for an independent review of the project. [98], On 6 July 2011, the United States House of Representatives' appropriations committee on Commerce, Justice, and Science moved to cancel the James Webb project by proposing an FY2012 budget that removed US$1.9 billion from NASA's overall budget, of which roughly one quarter was for JWST. The committee charged that the project was "billions of dollars over budget and plagued by poor management".

[99] In response, the American Astronomical Society issued a statement in support of JWST,[104] as did Maryland US Senator Barbara Mikulski.

As is typical for a complex design that cannot be changed once launched, there are detailed reviews of every portion of design, construction, and proposed operation.

[78] The MCDR encompassed all previous design reviews.

The ISIM holds the four science instruments and a guide camera. The review concluded the project was technically sound, but that funding phasing at NASA needed to be changed. [17] Launch was delayed again in June 2018 following recommendations from an independent review board.

[95] In the 27 March 2018 press release announcing the latest delay, NASA said that it will release a revised cost estimate after a new launch window is determined in cooperation with the European Space Agency (ESA). Twenty two artists were selected nationwide to attend the James Webb Space Telescope Artist Event at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. Other passed reviews include the Integrated Science Instrument Module review in March 2009, the Optical Telescope Element review completed in October 2009, and the Sunshield review completed in January 2010.

Animation of James Webb Space Telescope trajectory, "Baffled", in this context, means enclosed in a tube in a similar manner to a conventional, CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (, Near Infrared Imager and Slitless Spectrograph, cleaning a test mirror with carbon dioxide snow, Science and Technology Facilities Council, Fine Guidance Sensor and Near Infrared Imager and Slitless Spectrograph, Near Infrared Camera and Multi-Object Spectrometer, Homewood Campus of Johns Hopkins University, List of largest optical reflecting telescopes. [84], The JWST has a history of major cost overruns and delays which have resulted in part from outside factors such as delays in deciding on a launch vehicle and adding extra funding for contingencies.


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