kevin durant achilles injury
In other words, Durant would assert that the physicians rejected or ignored customary applications of modern sports medicine. After surgery, expect to wear a cast or boot for about six to 12 weeks and early on refrain from bearing weight on that side. When can you expect to see Durant back on the court and will he be the same player after he returns? In addition, Durant has the benefit of a guaranteed employment contract. Emails and texts may have also been important, though with health care issues, in-person conversations are often the best vehicle of transmitting information since they provide for opportunities for follow-up (a topic I wrote about in a law review article published by the Yale Journal of Law and Technology in 2003). Physical therapy takes hard work as well. You may opt-out by. Everyone in the decision-making process—including the medical staff, president of basketball operations Bob Myers, head coach Steve Kerr, Durant’s agent and manager Rich Kleiman, and Durant himself—voted “yes.” According to Kerr, Durant also relied on the advice of a physician whom Durant retained from outside of the Warriors organization and who provided Durant with a second opinion. In fact, as a star NBA player employed by a team worth in excess of a billion dollars, Durant probably received better care than would an ordinary American with the same injury. As a general matter, employers are responsible for the negligence of employees committed within the scope of their job, but employers are usually not responsible for the wrongful actions of independent contractors. In other words, asking Durant if he was able to play was a necessary question in the process, but it was unlikely to yield a “no” even if a “no” was in his best interests. One is that the doctors retained by the team might not be employees of the Warriors. Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant missed the entire 2019-20 season recovering from an Achilles tear. Much of it probably occurred in verbal conversations between health care providers, team officials and Durant, all of whom may have reacted to the information differently. These questions might, and odds are would, yield innocent answers. Nonetheless, recovery is not going to be an easy road for Durant. The Achilles tendon is what allows you to stand on your toes or point your foot forward. Did he or she have complete access to Durant’s medical records in the Warriors’ possession? Without this tendon intact, you can't really walk, run, jump, tell people to leave with your foot, or dance to dubstep. Even if they perfectly diagnosed the injury, it’s unknown how effectively the staff informed Durant and his representatives about the injury and its implications. Kevin Durant doesn't blame Warriors for Achilles injury: 'No matter what, I just wanted to play in the Finals' Durant ended the speculation about how his injury was handled The surgeon will then reconnect your tendon. Your tendon could naturally heal while being kept immobilized in a cast or boot for a while. To be sure, reducing the number of games would come with a financial cost. So cheering any such injury shows a complete lack of understanding of what is involved. The process of a player being cleared to play is detailed by Chao: Return to play is a joint decision between the medical staff, player and team. The injury, however, is the latest reminder of the downside of stars suffering serious injuries and an opportunity to rethink whether the NBA’s current 82-game, best-of-seven playoff series model is ideal. They might now recall those conversations differently, as well. Along those lines, player injuries can happen in a matter of seconds into a season. Before his injury, it was a foregone conclusion that he would take this option and get offered billions of pennies from a number of different teams. The CBA contains numerous procedures, policies and duties related to the health care relationship between a team and a player. For this coming season, Durant has the option of becoming a free agent. Durant is thus no stranger to injuries and is familiar with when injuries are too severe to play. Also, while the league has used best-of-7 playoff series since 2003, it previously used best-of-5 for the first round (conference quarterfinals). One of the benefits of the NFL’s 16-game season is that most games, especially over the first 12 weeks, are consequential. Per Spotrac, Durant can exercise an option that guarantees him $31.5 million next season—even if he doesn’t play at all. He also has earned tens of millions of dollars in lucrative endorsement deals with Nike, Google and other major companies. Durant, a two-time Finals MVP and one of the best scorers in NBA history, signed a four-year deal with the Nets in the summer of 2019. It usually takes about six weeks for you to progress to fully bearing weight on that side without wearing a cast or boot. Fewer games would mean less revenue generated through ticket, concession and in-arena merchandise and apparel sales. Even if Durant heard caution from his own doctor, his agent (Kleiman), or from family members, he probably still insisted on playing. This might have made the Warriors more willing to risk Durant’s health since there was, and continues to be, a significant chance that Durant will sign with another team this summer. The Warriors were trailing the Raptors 3-1 in the series. I am a writer, journalist, professor, systems modeler, computational and digital health expert, avocado-eater, and entrepreneur, not always in that order. But you don't necessarily have to River Dance to tear your Achilles. Any diminishment in revenue would also be experienced by both owners and players. Durant’s injury has generated significant discussion. Also, in recent years, NBA players have tended to be larger, stronger and faster than their counterparts from years ago. Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant missed the entire 2019-20 season recovering from an Achilles tear. The players and owners share “basketball-related income,” or BRI, which consists of revenue generated by broadcast contracts, arena signage, apparel deals and many other properties. Durant’s Achilles' injury shakes up the NBA’s upcoming free-agency landscape, and some other stars may not be so patient. Whether he’ll be the same elite player in the aftermath of an injury that has altered the careers of other NBA players remains to be seen. Also, until his injury, Durant was expected to decline his player option for 2019-20 and become a free agent. As weeks and months pass, he might become more inclined to question the circumstances that led to his injury. Kevin Durant made his return to the court, but suffered a possible torn Achilles in the first half. Kevin Durant suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon that could have career-altering implications. I am a writer, journalist, professor, systems modeler, computational and digital health expert, avocado-eater, and entrepreneur, not always in that order. The “vote” has to be a unanimous “yes” to return to play. Durant is in an entirely different situation. The team is obligated to pay for them. How do you say "not cool" in Canadian? Two days later, Durant underwent surgery to repair the tendon. His Achilles could have gone out on him at any point. Still, odds are they told him, in so many words, you can play but there’s some risk to it. He will be wearing a new jersey number with the Nets next season, as KD switched his number from 35 to 7. 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