modesty of a woman

The men were charged with robbery with use of force AND “insulting the modesty of a woman”. This article is about body modesty. Conservative Friends and Holiness-Orthodox Friends, two associations of Quaker Christians, wear plain dress as part of their testimony of simplicity. Standards of modesty discourage or forbid exposure of parts of the body, varying between societies, which may include areas of skin, the hair, undergarments, and intimate parts. Nudity in art was sometimes suggested without actual depiction by: In cartoons, even in cases where the genital area is not covered with clothing, genitals are often simply not drawn, as is the case in Family Guy and other animated sitcoms. Islam has strongly emphasized the concept of decency and modesty. Where nudity in art was not acceptable, full nudity was not displayed; otherwise nude subjects had their intimate parts hidden by apparently accidental draped fabric, flowers, other people, a fig leaf, etc. In: Bible Study, Faith. The criteria for acceptable modesty and decency have relaxed continuously in much of the world since the nineteenth century, with shorter, form-fitting, and more revealing clothing and swimsuits, more for women than men. And for sharing. Standards of modesty also apply to men. "O Prophet! Love your heart!!! However, a few countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Iran, enforce specified standards of dress for women. On the other hand, section 351[3] defines assault as a gesture or preparation done by a person with the intention and knowledge that such gesture will create an apprehension in the mind of the victim that the person who makes the gesture is about to use criminal force on the victim, then this will constitute as an assault. Rules on modesty also include women being asked to wear no more than one pair of earrings. The canons of modesty for Hindus in South Asia underwent significant changes with the arrival of Islam in the 12th century.

I will not go [sit] with robes hitched up in inhabited areas: a training to be observed. See all the following citations, which all expound at least partly upon such guidelines. Organizations such as the Topfree Equal Rights Association advocate for gender equality regarding display of the body. [6] This may apply to decontamination after a chemical or biological attack, where removal of contaminated clothing is important, or escaping from a night-time fire without time to dress. You are free to share a 2-3 sentence quote and link to the whole article. Good job, Lisa. The colored image is typical dress observed in modern day Bali temples. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Vol. In some African cultures, body painting is considered to be body coverage, and is considered by many an attire. South Asia: Ichaporia, N. (1983). "And tell the believing women to cast down their glances and guard their private parts and not expose their adornment except that which [necessarily] appears thereof and to wrap [a portion of] their headcovers over their chests and not expose their adornment except to their husbands, their fathers, their husbands' fathers, their sons, their husbands' sons, their brothers, their brothers' sons, their sisters' sons, their women, that which their right hands possess, or those male attendants having no physical desire, or children who are not yet aware of the private aspects of women."


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