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A series of traumatic events follow and when asked she introduces the couple as Mr. and Mrs. Iyer. Meenakshi introduces Raja to her husband as Jehangir Chowdhury, a Muslim man who helped her (a Hindu woman) during the curfew. [52], Nargis Dutt Award for Best Feature Film on National Integration, International Film Festival of Las Palmas, "Small budget films shine at the box office", "Cruelly disturbing, fascinatingly lyrical", "Can new money create a world-class film industry in India? Mr. and Mrs. Iyer deals with many prevalent issues existing with in India today. [8] She had to make sure that the characters spoke in English with their regional accent. The bus faces a roadblock and the bus driver attempts a detour, but is stopped by traffic jam caused by sectarian violence between Hindus and Muslims in nearby areas. The point tries to make a case between love and honor. That night, as they witness a horrific murder by one of the mobs, a shocked Meenakshi is comforted by Raja. "[47] Indeed, Sen was criticised for contriving cinematic situation not quite fitting to the real world, "Can a married woman with a baby in arms fall in love with a total stranger that she meets on a very short bus journey, however extraordinary the situation may have been? Watch Mr. and Mrs. Iyer Online. When she finds out that Raja is actually a Muslim, her first reaction is "Don't touch me!". This is sadly true in today's India where a slight misunderstanding can easily flash out of control. (2002). [38] At the International Film Festival of Las Palmas in the Canary Islands, it won the Gold prize, awarded to the best film screened that year. Mr and Mrs Iyer. A family acquaintance named Raja is making the same trip, and he is asked to keep an eye on Mrs. Iyer. The plot/ storyline is powerful which is augmented by splendid performance by lead actors. In the Bus the Jewish guy discloses the presence of a Muslim couple to the extremists, not because he hated Muslims, but only to save his own life. Sorry, it seems you have completely missed the point. "Mr and Mrs Iyer" is a brilliant movie in every respect,be it the acting,direction,screenplay,editing and duration.Even after 18 years of its release,it remains as top notch as before! Some of the subtle nuances would probably escape non-Indian viewers, but there are plenty of things to appreciate for all. Directed by Aparna Sen, a true master of her craft, it is set against the backdrop of tribal war and communal violence. Rahul's late father used to work in England, ... See full summary¬†¬Ľ, On her way home the newly wed Romita is molested by five men. A story about love, waiting, and loneliness. Muslims in India have to live with this constant fear of isolated incidents. So there is dilemma in the Minds of Raj and Meenaxi. Let's join, full episode here! The next day, they reach a railway station with the army's help. [31] The India International Women's Film Festival had a special retrospective to Aparna Sen for Mr. and Mrs. A bus is setting out to Calcutta from a village in West Bengal.. Their relation is platonic and full marks to Aparna for keeping it so because by making it controversial she could have reaped more benefits at the box office.Well certain someone said that the act by the leads had not been put up properly. Mr. and Mrs. Iyer premiered at the Locarno International Film Festival in Switzerland and was showcased at other prominent film festivals. .. Mr. and Mrs. Iyer - 2002. . They begin interrogating passengers about their religious identities and when in doubt, they even resort to check if the person is circumcised.[5]. Which are the Top 100 must-watch Bollywood movies . [10] The producers provided a state-of-the-art camera from Chennai's Prasad Studios to ensure that the shooting crew was technically better equipped. Boomerang Man 3 Movie In Hindi Free Download, Pyaasi Bhootni 2 Full Movie In Hindi Dubbed Hd 720p, 3 2012 Tamil Movie In Hindi Dubbed Download, Full Movie Malamaal Weekly Version Movies, Thoda Tum Badlo Thoda Hum Full Movie Hindi Download, Mr And Mrs Iyer 1 Full Movie Download Hd - DOWNLOAD. [18], In 2002, Mr. and Mrs. Iyer was chosen as India's official entry at the Locarno International Film Festival. From the slow beginning to the eventual ending, the dialog was excellent and the direction of Ms. Sen was superb!! The parents arrange to drop her and her son off at the bus-stand, where they are introduced to a young photographer named Raja Chowdhury. It is what I read in newspapers about what happened in Bombay after the riots. The romance at the heart of the film is ultimately touching and convincing. After a costume and a makeup test, he was chosen for the character of Raja Chawdhury. The police felt both scenes were too "provocative" for a "communally sensitive" city. Raja confronts her on her outdated prejudices about caste and religion. She couldn't have done a better job. A look at Mumbai's socialite party circle world through the eyes of a Page 3 journalist.


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