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The question now is whether she can parlay her popularity into transforming New Zealand in other ways. He also worries that Labour has no business expertise: "She's throwing money around like drunken sailors, there's money going everywhere.".

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern and her partner Clarke Gayford announced their daughter's arrival on Instagram.Credit:AP, "Feeling very lucky to have a healthy baby girl that arrived at 4.45pm weighing 3.31kg (7.3lb) Thank you so much for your best wishes and your kindness. “I grew up under that mountain.”, She added that anyone who thought Neve’s name was “particularly long” should look at her own “ridiculously long name” – Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern.

At the time, Ardern was living in a flat with three gay friends, and increasingly felt that her beliefs contradicted with her religion.

In the Morrinsville College 1998 yearbook, there's a prophetic phrase written in Comic Sans: "Most likely to become Prime Minister ... Jacinda Ardern.". Ardern and Gayford introduce their baby girl Neve Te Aroha Ardern-Gayford to the world on 24 June 2018.

Unlike in other countries, where politics has become increasingly polarized, Ardern's opponents have plenty of positive feedback. "It's been great," she told reporters at her last major public event before giving birth. A slew of middle-aged male leaders -- four in less than a decade -- had failed to ignite enthusiasm in voters, and the party was heading toward its fourth crushing election defeat in a row. Once again, Ardern was quickly on the ground in Whakatāne, hugging first responders who had tried to rescue the people on White Island. As neither major party had the 50% of votes needed to lead the country, both had to pair with minor parties. "Her and her party we could probably wrap up (in a package) and send over there.". At least part of the reason for the reversal appeared to be her coalition partner, Peters.

Just because her image might be cultivated doesn't make it inauthentic, said Thomas. As New Zealand -- a country where gun murders are infrequent -- reeled from the attack, Ardern responded in a way that once again catapulted her into international headlines. Prime minister says she and partner Clarke Gayford struggled for months to decide on a name, Sun 24 Jun 2018 08.42 BST

The other key criticism of Ardern is that, beyond her successful handling of crises, she hasn't achieved her promise of leading a government of "transformation." Jacinda Ardern has secured a second term as leader after a resounding victory in the country’s general election. On Instagram, sandwiched between numerous political posts, she shared a Neve artistic masterpiece, a homemade rabbit-shaped birthday cake, and a makeshift desk at her parents' house that no one would have guessed was a world leader's office.

"Te Aroha ... was our way of reflecting the amount of love this baby's been shown before she even arrived. Waikato is so blue -- the color of the National Party -- that it hasn't elected a Labour Party representative in nearly 100 years. Neve Gayford, as her mother said she will be known, wore a green knitted hat and slept through her first media appearance.

“As for Ngapuhi I said at the time that I thought that gesture was incredible and we were really moved by it but we weren't really going to publicly comment any further.". "What was really needed was the expression of empathy ... her enormous wells of empathy are very genuine and she can project them probably more effectively than anyone on the world stage.". Ardern found out alongside everyone else: She was going to be Prime Minister. By and large, it quickly became an accepted reality in New Zealand that their leader was having a baby.

Ardern is one of the few elected leaders to hold office while pregnant.

Fountain remembers hearing the news and says his first thought was concern over how Ardern would wrangle her coalition partners and hold the government together. After Ardern revealed she was expecting a baby, her critics -- at least in New Zealand -- were silent. But this particular image reverberated around the world. Te Aroha - the Maori-named rural town in the Waikato region of New Zealand that is often referred to as the place of love - was where Ardern's family was from, she explained. For a month, there was no victor. Home to less than 300,000 people, the windy city of Wellington sees itself as not only the country's political hub, but also its arts and culture capital.

Wellington was a far cry from Morrinsville, where it was unusual for teenagers to be interested in politics at all -- never mind being a center-left Labour Party supporter, according to Fountain. A few months later, Ardern made history again. That night, as he put his kids to bed, he heard his former student on the radio. Finally, in February 2017, she won a safe Labour seat -- a seat once held by former Prime Minister Clark -- in a byelection triggered by the resignation of Clark's successor.

Throughout her three-year term, she's attracted headlines -- for being an unusually young Prime Minister, for giving birth while leading a country, for her empathetic handling of the Christchurch mosque attacks, and lately, for her swift, effective action against the coronavirus pandemic. Jacinda Ardern to govern New Zealand for second term after historic victory, Voters thanked amid Labour landslide – as it happened, New Zealanders have recognised the good luck that Jacinda Ardern is ours, Kingmaker no more: Winston Peters consigned to NZ political history, New Zealand election: voters head to the polls, Jacinda Ardern's Covid response looks set to dominate New Zealand election, Jacinda Ardern saves best for last in New Zealand election TV debate, Jacinda Ardern prevails in final debate before New Zealand election, Ardern hails ‘very strong mandate’ after election landslide. But beyond that, some say her policies pose unnecessary economic risks. This is [21st century New Zealand].".

“I thought how do I reflect the generosity, particularly of all the iwi who gifted us names – and Te Aroha seemed to be a way,” she said. She also told media she hoped the “novelty” of having a prime minister give birth in office would soon wear off.

They also liked the name.

Volkswagen released an ad for a 7-Seater red Tiguan with Ardern’s/Labour’s tagline “Let’s do this” with “and again” repeated four times over the top of the seats for the additional number of children her parents would need to fill the car. Although she wasn't the elected lawmaker for Auckland Central, she became a well-known figure in the city. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Latinas had the highest unemployment rate this year — and it’s driving them to vote, The fascinating history of the drive-thru, New Zealand's Jacinda Ardern: The small-town takeout store worker who won over her country -- and the world.

As a 14-year-old, Ardern landed after-school shifts at the Golden Kiwi fish and chip shop. "I look at the way she handles my mother, who is definitely not a Labour voter, and my mother thinks she walks on water," says Alison Dawson, the mother of Ardern's high school friend, Virginia Dawson. That in itself wasn't unusual -- she had harnessed social media throughout her political campaign. In the 1980s, Ardern's family moved 160 kilometers (100 miles) away to Morrinsville, where her grandfathers had dug drains and farmed. Gayford said the birth was "a bit of a blur for both of us" but he would not forget the look on Ardern's face when she first held her daughter. Names gifted by iwi include Te Waru o Noema from Ratana and Waimirirangi from Ngapuhi.

"It's not a very major difference between them and us.". "Clarke's got his dad-cardi on, so that means he's ready to go," she said, to which Gable replied the op-shop find had finally "come of age".

Jacinda is the current Prime Minister of New Zealand. All rights reserved. Megan Gorrey is the Urban Affairs reporter at The Sydney Morning Herald. "She was always a very good talker," said Morrinsville farmer John Walsh, as he waited one chilly Friday night for takeaways outside the shop, where he used to be served by the young Ardern. Unemployment was widespread and some turned to suicide.

Once again, she got into parliament anyway.

"I wish I could have captured the startled look on a Japanese delegation inside UN yesterday who walked into a meeting room in the middle of a nappy change," Gayford said as he tweeted a photo of their daughter's UN security pass featuring a rather unusual title: "New Zealand first baby.". Fountain, who became Ardern's friend after she left school, remembers meeting up with her while he was over there for a school trip. At 37, she was Labour's youngest-ever leader and in line to lead the country, if the party could hustle enough votes.

"My recollection is that we were ahead of our times," said John Inger, who became principal of Morrinsville College while Ardern was at school, and who is still the principal more than two decades later.

It’s also a tribute to Te Aroha mountain, on New Zealand’s North Island, near Ardern’s hometown of Hamilton. To him, Ardern's style of leadership -- her emphasis on kindness and wellbeing -- has already had an impact on New Zealand's society.

That's given her an outsized profile for the leader of a country of 5 million people. But Ardern's personal popularity and exceptional response to the country's crises can only take her so far.

Her first name, Neve, means "bright" or "snow" -- a nod to being born in the Southern Hemisphere winter. It's Friday night in the small town of Morrinsville and a handful of locals are waiting at the Golden Kiwi on the main street for a greasy parcel of fish and chips. Neve, derived from the …

At 28, Ardern was ready to move into the political spotlight. "I guess we'd have to be proud of her," he said. On January 19, 2018 -- less than two months after she was sworn in as Prime Minister -- Ardern posted on Instagram. June 21, 2018 - Ardern gives birth to daughter Neve Te Aroha, becoming the first world leader to give birth since Pakistan's Benazir Bhutto in 1990.

But Ardern lost by 700 votes -- or two percentage points.

Pakistan's Benazir Bhutto gave birth while she was prime minister in 1990. After three nights in hospital, the trio are now at home and Ardern will have 6-weeks leave. Beaming in their daughter's presence, a reaction that ties to the meaning of her name and the time which she was born. "She just sounded like the Prime Minister.". Credit:AAP.

Here is another picture with her father where her dad is holding her, and both listen to Jacinda speak. And while other leaders faltered, Ardern won international recognition for shutting borders early and imposing a strict nationwide lockdown, even when the country had very few cases. She was born to mother Jacinda Ardern and father Clarke Gayford. Her middle name -- which means "love" in New Zealand's Indigenous language, Māori -- is named for Mount Te Aroha that looms above Morrinsville's lush farmland. They admire how she has handled the three crises during her term -- the Christchurch massacre, the White Island volcano eruption, and the coronavirus pandemic. And not just for politics -- outside of Parliament, she dabbled in DJ-ing, including at a major summer festival on Auckland's waterfront alongside alternative music favorites. Ardern shared news of the baby's Thursday afternoon arrival on her Instagram account last week, writing "welcome to our village wee one".

In the spelling - Neve - Ardern explained, "We've gone for simplicity, because Clarke with an 'e' has caused all sorts of problems, and Jacinda with a 'd'!" On June 21, 2018 -- still less than a year into her first term -- Ardern gave birth to Neve Te Aroha Ardern. She took him to a spot where former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill watched films during World War II. Later that year, she faced another crisis.

Ardern previously said she plans to return to work at the beginning of August. Ardern began questioning the Mormon church's stance on LGBT people, she later told local media.


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