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[26][30] His work Place Holder appeared at 21c Museum Hotel Lexington in 2019–20,[5] and his concert posters were featured in the 2020 exhibit Cricket Press, John Lackey, and Robert Beatty: Gig Posters and Music Ephemera at the Living Arts and Science Center in Lexington. [10] In 2019, Beatty created a lyric video for Cage the Elephant's song "House of Glass", from the album Social Cues. Willa Hits #1 Best Seller. Art, Graphic Design, Music •

[7][25][26] He has also released an artists' book, Floodgate Companion (2016), which Beatty "structured... more like an experimental film than a book." It worked well with the kind of stuff I’ve been interested in doing lately.

[32][11] He was also a member of Ulysses alongside Apples in Stereo members Robert Schneider and John Ferguson. For all things Tame Impala, including all the stops on their tour which is happening right now, visit As it turns out, the creative genius behind the artwork is legendary graphic designer, Robert Beatty. The picture at right shows R…

Robert’s picks are below, spanning from Tropicalia to a collab between Stereolab and The High Llamas, each one peeling back a layer of Beatty’s iconic style. Robert Beatty was born in 1981 on a cattle and tobacco farm in rural Kentucky near Nicholasville—"one of the most beautiful places in the world," according to Beatty. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Girls makes disco fit for doomsday", "William Tyler Announces New Studio Album 'Goes West,, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WorldCat identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 30 August 2020, at 17:55. [35], "Robert Beatty has become a one-man industry of psychedelic album art", "Cage the Elephant Drop Thrilling New 'House of Glass' Song & Lyric Video: Watch", "Meet the Noise Musician Responsible for All Your Favorite Mind-Expanding Album Art", "Art Gallery: Robert Beatty's Psychedelic, Retro-Futuristic Aesthetic", "The Joy of Robert Beatty's Pre-digital Graphic Art", "WRFL rides the wave of success into its 30th year", "Robert Beatty Artist Talk and Book Signing", "How Psychedelic Games 'Rez Infinite,' 'Thumper' Fuse Electronic Music With Virtual Reality", "GETTING WEIRD WITH ARTIST AND MUSICIAN ROBERT BEATTY", "From Tame Impala to Three Legged Race: Robert Beatty is Finally Releasing an Art Book", "No Response Festival announces 2017 line-up — Graham Lambkin, Yoshi Wada, Hijokaidan, Jason Lescalleet, more — doesn't even notice your astounded response", "The Stories Behind Every 'Lucky Peach' Cover", "Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Illustrated Books", "Wilco side project On Fillmore enlist artist Robert Beatty for trippy 'Jornada Inteira' video", "The Family Acid: California, a far-out photo album from a very unconventional family", "Dries Van Noten's Time-Traveling FW18 Men's Wardrobe", "Vuelve lo introspectivo: los 'skaters' han empezado a ir a yoga", "Explosion de couleurs avec les imperméables aux motifs marbrés de Dries Van Noten", "A chat with Robert Beatty and Ariel Pink on their recent record sleeve collaboration", "Robert Beatty & Takeshi Murata Make Motorcycle-Riding Werewolves Cool Again @ Lampo", "Robert Beatty (Three Legged Race, Hair Police) to release Soundtracks for Takeshi Murata on Jason Lescalleet's Glistening Examples imprint", "Three Legged Race: Persuasive Barrier Album Review", "Cross's new 'Die Forever' a wonderfully unholy witch's brew of rock, punk, goth and sonic explorations", "Dent May: Across the Multiverse Album Review", "Don't DJ album, Musique Acephale, coming on Berceuse Heroique", "The Top 50 Vinyl Album Cover Sleeves Of 2016", "Drugdealer: The End of Comedy review – delicate, post-Beatles comedown music", "Caboladies' Eric Lanham Preps 'The Sincere Interruption' for Spectrum Spools", "Rev You: Eric Lanham – The Sincere Interruption LP", "Opening Reception for Robert Beatty's art...", "The record sleeve designers you need to know about", "Major Stars "Roots of Confusion Seeds of Joy, "Mister Heavenly reveal the Origins of their new song, "Hammer Drop": Stream", "Sacred Bones Announces Mother Earth's Plantasia Vinyl Reissue", "Oneohtrix Point Never Albums From Worst To Best", "Salvia Plath: The Bardo Story Album Review", "Sheer Mag Announce New Album and Tour, Share New Song: Listen", "Steve Hauschildt reveals first album for Ghostly International", "Tim Heidecker Releases Title Track Of Upcoming Album 'Fear Of Death, "With 'In a Poem Unlimited,' U.S.
He was the founder, CEO, and chief architect of Plex Systems, which provides management information systems to automotive, aerospace & defense, and other manufacturing companies throughout the world. [5], Beatty performs electronic and noise music solo under his own name and formerly performed under the names Three Legged Race and Ed Sunspot,[32][33][34] co-founded Hair Police in 2001[35] (who went on to open for a Sonic Youth tour),[6] and is or has been a member of experimental and electronic bands Warmer Milks,[1] Burning Star Core, Eyes and Arms of Smoke,[3] and Lexington collective Resonant Hole.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. As it turns out, the creative genius behind the artwork is legendary graphic designer, Robert Beatty. “He sent over a bunch of images of diagrams that I took inspiration from. The True NASA Story Behind Apollo 10 Astronauts’ Creepy Encounter With Strange Music From The Moon, Rare Types of Crystals That You Probably Never Heard Of, Advertise & Promote Your Hotel Or Brand On FEELguide, Meet Robert Beatty, The Legendary Designer Behind The Graphics Of Tame Impala’s New Album, Check Out These Photos And You’ll You Want To Check Into Prince Edward County’s Drake Devonshire Inn, Aphex Twin Releases An Astonishing 203 Songs And You Can Download For Free & Stream On YouTube. Architect Marcio Kogan Blows Our Minds Once Again With His Stunning “House 6” Design In Sao Paolo, The Problem With Ideas: Watch Robert Rowland Smith’s Brilliant Lecture On How Ideas Can Eat Us Alive, Cancer Patient Survives Thanks To Groundbreaking 3D-Printed Rib Cage From The Geniuses At CSIRO, Budget-Friendly Ways to Taste the Life of Luxury, The Moving Checklist: What You Absolutely Cannot Forget When Moving Into a New Apartment, Lund Hagem’s Breathtaking White Concrete & Glass Oceanside Cabin In Norway Is My Latest Dream Home. Robert Beatty is flying the ripped, stained flag of classic, mindbending album artwork of yore. [5], Beatty designed the cover art for historian and photographer Roger Steffens's anthology photobook The Family Acid: California (2019). Robert Beatty’s images are complex and surreal, often including wild and foreign landscapes, and alien-like, Dali-inspired creatures. Before he started writing full time, Robert was a successful entrepreneur in the tech world. Robert Beatty (/ˈbeɪti/ BAY-tee;[1] born 1981)[2] is an American artist and musician based in Lexington, Kentucky,[3][4] best known for his noise band Hair Police, his solo project Three Legged Race, and most recently for his work designing album covers, including Burning Star Core's Challenger (2008), Tame Impala's Currents (2015),[5] and Kesha's Rainbow (2017). As the chief architect of the Plex Manufacturing Cloud, he was one of the pioneers of cloud computing. Learn More. [4], In 2018 he contributed "surreal"[27] art for use in fashion house Dries Van Noten's fall-winter 2018 collection,[23][28][29] with his work featured prominently in window displays at European retail locations.

[16] His video work has been featured at the Anthology Film Archives. You can read the interview in full by visiting, and see all of Robert Beatty’s amazingness at "[7] He began working by hand and today mostly uses Adobe Illustrator and an old version of Photoshop[12] running on a ten-year-old computer[5] to perform his "digital airbrushing,"[15] replicating and subverting traditional graphic design techniques using software. Beatty also designed the artwork for the soundtrack to the video game Thumper.

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Best known for technicolour, psychedelic-tinged album covers, Kentucky-based Robert Beatty is releasing a collection of his art, Floodgate Companion. Designed by Themnific™. The eagerly awaited fourth book in Robert Beatty’s #1 New York Times best-selling Serafina Series is in bookstores now. [6] He also worked for a time at radio station WRFL,[13] and supported himself for years working at a gas station and as a janitor. Everything was very open and they let me interpret things in my own way. And as with each new single they’ve shared over the past month, we’ve been treated to an equally brilliant fix of psychedelic graphic art perfection. [6], Beatty's graphic design work employs a distinctive style which has been called "trippy,"[14] "nostalgic,"[15] "psychedelic,"[11] "dark,"[16] and "mystifying;"[17] Beatty tries to evoke a "weird sense of wonder.

“Kevin’s ideas for the album artwork were all based on turbulent flow, the way liquid or air flows around objects,” Beatty tells ISO50. May 10, 2015 • 4575. by Brent Lambert •

[9], Beatty never attended art school (or college at all),[10][11][12] instead moving to Lexington after high school. I’ve been trying to incorporate more op-art and moire techniques into the record covers, and this was the perfect opportunity.”. [18] However, Beatty says that his work often "goes back to drawing, because that's the simplest thing. Recently Jakub Alexander of ISO50 reached out to Beatty for an interview where the Kentucky-based artist discussed the inspiration for the style he chose for Tame Impala, as well as his creative process.

[36], Beatty also masters music, including Public Housing's 2014 self-titled album. The WOW Files: Brilliant First Trailer For Spike Jonze’s “HER”... Edward Elgar “Serenade For Strings” (1905). [5] He began to experiment with his family camcorder, exploring circuit bending and video feedback,[8] and during high school later started investigating and playing music with a friend (Beatty was fond of music from Warp Records) and designing concert posters. [6][7] Growing up, he "constantly" drew, teaching himself[8] and taking inspiration from MTV's series Liquid Television, Terry Gilliam's animated work, and Mad.

Recently Jakub Alexander of ISO50 reached out to Beatty for an interview where the Kentucky-based artist discussed the inspiration for the style he chose … Willa of the Wood. 3". [31], His influences include Cal Schenkel, Kenneth Anger, Piotr Kamler, Gary Panter,[1] Terry Gilliam,[11] and Lillian Schwartz. Sure this isn’t the most conventional kind of graphic design, but when you’re creating pupil-warbling posters and vinyl artwork for bands with names like Salvia Plath then it’s probably a good thing.

Website for Lexington, KY based artist and musician Robert Beatty. Robert Beatty is an American artist and musician based in Lexington, Kentucky, best known for his noise band Hair Police, his solo project Three Legged Race, and most recently for his work designing album covers, including Burning Star Core's Challenger (2008), Tame Impala's Currents (2015), and Kesha's Rainbow (2017). [32] He records and produces music on old iPhones, stating he works with a "scavenger mentality" and "[doesn't] like to buy new things to make art or music with – I like to wait for things to come to me or to find things at thrift stores". [5], In 2014 he released the album Soundtracks for Takeshi Murata under his own name. "[7] A prolific artist, Beatty has designed over 75 album covers;[2] after he decided to pursue creating art for other bands instead of just his own,[6] his album artwork rose in popularity with his covers for Challenger by Burning Star Core in 2008 and Tame Impala's Currents in 2015. This unique eye for the obscure makes him a designer to be on the look-out for when it comes to thinking outside of the box.
Comments (0) • [19][1][11], In addition to album art, Beatty's illustration and design work has grown to include concert flyers,[20] magazines,[21] book covers,[22] fashion design,[23] music videos,[24] and news feature illustrations, with clients including Wired and the New York Times.

Last week Tame Impala dropped a surprise fourth track “Eventually” from their highly anticipated new album, Currents, set for release on July 18th.


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