the silent patient
I wanted to help start her up again — help Alicia tell her story, to heal and get well. "[3] He rewrote the draft around 50 times before finalizing it.

However, Diomedes tells Theo to stop contacting family members, as the Grove is struggling to stay open without angering a lawyer like Max. When he did reluctantly agree, Alicia struggled to paint the happiness in his eyes.

And you might well accuse me of being biased.

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Our character was formed without our even knowing it.

Alicia remained silent — but she made one statement.

"Impressive first novel... with an ending worthy of a classic Agatha Christie mystery. I don't know enough about art to say whether Alicia Berenson will stand the test of time as a painter. One night during all of this, Theo follows Kathy to her supposed meeting place with Nicole. The real motivation was purely selfish. When Gabriel picked himself, Theo fired a shot into the ceiling and pretended to have shot Alicia.

A.J. Some suspected it was old-fashioned jealousy that drove Alicia to murder — another woman, probably? Alicia Berenson’s life … The Silent Patient is a 2019 psychological thriller novel written by British-Cypriot author Alex Michaelides. According to the court-appointed psychiatric nurse, Alicia barely ate or slept — all she did was paint. I remained conscious of maintaining eye contact as I trotted out a rehearsed response, a sympathetic tale about working part-time in a care home as a teenager; and how this inspired an interest in psychology, which led to a postgraduate study of psychotherapy, and so on. siete países y cuyos derechos han sido comprados para una adaptación cinematográfica producida por Brad Pitt.SOLO ELLA SABE LO QUE SUCEDIÓ.SOLO YO PUEDO HACERLA ... Alicia Berenson sembra avere una vita perfetta: è un'artista di successo, ha sposato un noto ... Alicia Berenson sembra avere una vita perfetta: è un'artista di successo, ha sposato un noto I could divine neither innocence nor guilt in her expression.

A monster. 2019.

A little unfair, I thought — considering Alicia's guilt had yet to be proven.

Alex Michaelides has crafted a totally original, spellbinding psychological mystery so quirky, so unique that it should have its own genre. Due to a plea of diminished responsibility, she is admitted to a secure forensic unit called the Grove. And to me, Alicia was a kind of genius. During the trial, the judge took a dim view of Alicia's persistent refusal to speak. I should introduce myself, but perhaps not quite yet; after all, I am not the hero of this tale.

Theo then goes to the gallery and meets Jean-Felix who is keeping all of Alicia’s paintings in storage. Since the day of her arrest, Alicia has never said a word. The pages will burn with the friction from your hands turning them.” —David Baldacci“Smart, sophisticated storytelling freighted with real suspense—a very fine novel by any standard.”—Lee Child"One of the most spellbinding psychological thrillers we’ve read in years. On the way out, Max’ wife Tanya tells Theo to talk to Alicia’s cousin, Paul.

everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of The Silent Patient. Gabriel's betrayal reminds Alicia of her father, and she killed him. Our narrator, however, is still fascinated by her story and decides to apply for a job at the Grove to help her. The day he died was the hottest of the year. He was forty-four years old. I followed my gut — and applied for the job. Theo goes to Diomedes who says that Alcestis felt betrayed, as she did not believe her husband would actually sacrifice her for himself.

They were both artists — Alicia was a painter, and Gabriel was a well-known fashion photographer. Alicia was subsequently admitted to the Grove — under the supervision of the same Professor Diomedes whose testimony had been so influential with the judge.

"—Brad Meltzer, author of The Escape Artist"Dark, edgy, and compulsively readable. She titled it in the bottom left-hand corner of the canvas, in light blue Greek lettering.

After reading the diary, Theo realizes that Dr. West is actually Christian and goes to confront him. When questioned by Chief Inspector Allen, Theo blames Christian who lied about the overdose.

In another diary entry from Alicia six years prior, she reveals her mother’s apparent suicide when she purposefully slammed their car into a wall with Alicia inside. As a psychotherapist, I thought it obvious that she had suffered a severe trauma surrounding Gabriel's death; and this silence was a manifestation of that trauma.

She says that the man tied her up and talked non-stop until Gabriel came home. After a few days, she tells him about the day the man broke into her home, put a knife to her neck and stole Gabriel’s gun.

He says that Alicia was delusional, paranoid and incapable of empathy.

Perhaps. He wanted her to see the truth so she would seek out a better life and says he would have done things differently if he had known about her past. And so it went on, endless speculation — no answers, only more questions — about Alicia's motives and her subsequent silence. And for most people, this was enough to condemn her — returning to the studio so soon after Gabriel's death betrayed an extraordinary insensitivity. "—Publisher's Weekly, starred review"Pulling off a novel where the protagonist stays mum isn't easy, but this impressive, immersive debut—Brad Pitt's company has snapped up film rights—establishes Michaelides as a writer to watch. The Silent Patient paints a picture, crawling into your soul in the very best way. However, when Alicia begged him not to kill Gabriel, Theo asked Gabriel if he should kill him or Alicia. It's likely she spent the day painting in the summerhouse at the end of the garden, which she had recently converted into a studio.

"—Booklist"A taut, meticulously plotted and compelling novel. Dieser außergewöhnliche Thriller

She must have been a victim of domestic abuse, surely, pushed too far, before finally exploding? However, he decides not to after she gets angry at him for the marijuana she found in the kitchen.

Theo believes that Alicia feels that she has died at some point in her life and they must bring her back.

Theo left without shooting either of them, as he had only intended to expose Gabriel's selfishness.

We are drawn to this profession because we are damaged — we study psychology to heal ourselves. But at the trial Gabriel was described by his brother as a devoted husband, deeply in love with his wife. An officer grabbed her arms and held them up to the light. I was on a quest to help myself. The wall behind him was sprayed with fragments of skull, brains, hair — and blood.

Michaelides decided to set his novel in a psychiatric unit as he had worked at a secure psychiatric facility for teenagers while he was a psychotherapy student.[4].

His handsome features were gone forever, leaving a charred, blackened, bloody mess. Diomedes tells him to find Alicia’s diary as they call the police. A diary entry reveals that Alicia felt the same way and even tried to leave his gallery when Jean-Felix entered her home unannounced.
She tells him that the masked man entered her house and murdered Gabriel. I find his stuff rather slick and shallow, to be honest. 1st Edition. This edgy, intricately plotted psychological thriller establishes Michaelides as a major player in the field.

Terrified that Theo will tell about his secret meetings with Alicia, as they were paid and undocumented, he tells Theo about the meeting. 'I can't talk about it on the phone, I need to see you.' Her lips were pale, bloodless; they fluttered occasionally but formed no words, made no sounds.

2019. Hardback. The Silent Patient is a shocking psychological thriller of a woman’s act of violence against her husband—and of the therapist obsessed with uncovering her motive.


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