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If this realization was integrated into the film, perhaps in the scene when Jiro goes to the hotel for a break, we could have seen Jiro develop as a character. Jiro sees her as an ideal. Jiro’s spiritual guide is the Italian airplane designer Giovanni Caproni, who says, “The whole world’s a dream!” Caproni eagerly awaits the age of commercial aviation: “Instead of bombs, we’ll carry passengers.” But his first attempt, essentially an airborne cruise ship, crashes. Over 3000 drawings were completed to manufacture the airframe of the Prototype 12, which Jiro had to check and adjust when needed. First and foremost, the film is gorgeous. This is an obvious indicator of his unrivaled passion for the flying machines, something which is brought to the screen perfectly. Hideaki Anno As a young man returns home after his first year away at college he recalls his senior year of high school and the iron-willed, big city girl that turned his world upside down. In his first film intended primarily for grownups, the anim-auteur courted political controversy. Having read his book, having studied the Zero fighter, working in aviation for over 30 years, rand also knowing a LOT of engineers who work in Aerospace, Defense, and Missile industries, I can say that Miyazaki very accurately portrayed the mind-set of the engineering fraternity. You only mention the book in passing. It was released on 20 July 2013, in Japan, and was released by Touchstone Pictures in North America on 21 February 2014. But at the same time, I think that Miyazaki purposely wavers his right to such a moral horse and simply asks for ones consideration on such topics. I loved this movie. While I absolutely love movies from the likes of Pixar, or Dreamworks; they have undeniably found their niche by exploiting a specific & highly calculated style. Best movies from HM The Zero was absolutely stunning to the West, because there was no thought that the Japanese could have such an excellent fighter plane. Even today, most engineers recognize the Zero as an exceptional engineering landmark, and Jiro Horikoshi as and exceptional engineer. Warrior and pacifist Princess Nausicaä desperately struggles to prevent two warring nations from destroying themselves and their dying planet. Jiro is a bad man on many levels and the film is a study of self-delusion on not only an individual basis, but also a societal one. Plenty of movie directors think so. I greatly enjoyed your article because it brought many truths to light that increase my fascination for Jiro Horikoshi and enhance my admiration for Miyazaki and his commitment to his vision. The Jiro character in the film is NOT flat and one-dimensional. It was developed specifically for the Zero aircraft by Mitsubishi metalurgists. The Wind Rises is inspired by a quote of Horikoshi’s: “All I wanted to do was to make something beautiful.” Miyazaki often achieves just that. (Even the adult Jiro looks like any anime child.) And example of muddy morality to be sure; but most people never even consider that & merely believe it WAS the bombs that ended the war. And, though I won't hold it against the film itself, the English language dub is awful. […] the biggest mystery ship of the Second World War”. In the film, he works on Mitsubishi A5M. Perhaps he blamed the political parties for the death and turmoil because it would have been too hard to admit he had played part in the damage. That’s laughable. There were a few side plots that seemed random and were quickly forgotten, and at times, Jiro seemed incapable of showing real emotions for his loved one, making any emotional outburst seem forced (aka his profession of love and desire to marry on the spot) but I stilled over it, and it’s going up there in my Ghibli favs. [17], Miyazaki began to conceive a story to illustrate the life of Jiro Horikoshi in 2008. Considering Miyasaki’s Jiro has been criticized as being a flat, unsympathetic character it may have been worthwhile to include Jiro’s career dilemma to make Jiro come across as a more down to earth person. Meanwhile, Miyazaki is still showing us that animated films can be high art, for adults first; not just fun for the whole family. But during the tail end of the Edo period during the Tokugawa shogunate, women lost status in Japan. Well rewriting of history unfortunately happens a lot. I have been wanting to watch this film for a long time, and finally got to see it on DVD. I remember a quote in the movie about the “Irony of having a wife at home helps you build better planes” and that Jiro should “Embrace that Irony”. She praises her older brother to complain about him afterwards. There were many other raids where it was used to strike in Australia. Miyazaki is just amazing. While it’s very unlike Spirited Away in most respects, it’s similarly fascinating and baffling, with wild narrative lurches and seeming non sequiturs. Screenfice covers the latest Film & TV news. (READ: Kirk Spitzer’s report on the Japanese controversy over The Wind Rises). [18] He published the story as a manga series in the monthly magazine Model Graphix from April 2009 to January 2010, with the title borrowed from Tatsuo Hori's novel The Wind Has Risen (風立ちぬ?). If you have not seen the movie, unless you want to be spoiled, I would stop reading here. I also found the idea of wisping her away to the sanatorium quite bizarre especially if this event never even happened and she was healthy. Every movie set in WWII takes liberties to some degree. Jiro has a happy and good natured personality towards Naoko Satomi whom he loves very much, but he is also trustworthy and hardworking when it comes to his love for airplanes. Jiro was so surprised to see a newspaper clipping of how the Prototype 96 had taken down enemy planes in China of July 1937 that he excitedly showed his family. Depicting the real horrors of war on WWII is rarely common in anime. Main character In 1930s Italy, a veteran World War I pilot is cursed to look like an anthropomorphic pig. Wow, I din’t know that either! If Miyazaki had attempted to portray a whole life span of their marriage and children it would have been too much to cram in. [36] Disney held a one-week release window in the Los Angeles theatrical circuit for the film beginning on 8 November 2013, so that it could qualify for Academy Awards consideration. Title of the film comes from the poetic line; Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film, Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the Year, San Sebastián International Film Festival, St. Louis Gateway Film Critics Association, Washington D.C. 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When the real life Jiro married his wife, it would almost have certainly been an arrainged marriage between families. Unfortunately it’s not fleshed out enough and reads poorly. [54] It was also selected as "Audience Favorite – Animation" at Mill Valley Film Festival.[55]. It allowed him to nearly forget the international turmoil and work for a while, something which appeared to be a relief for him. The man himself was a pacifist (at least according to this film). Jiro is ultimately human, with all of the capacity for good and for bad. The use of countersunk rivets had started on a limited basis previously, but was not widely used. Search for "The Wind Rises" on, Title: They all appeal to more than just emotion, and that is something I enjoy. Quite a contrast from 700 years earlier! It disrupted sleep, and at times “I could not sleep at all […] I was told a nightcap at bedtime would help, but I was born a poor hand at drinking”. Then Jiro begins to study all about airplane design and Caproni himself, who appears frequently in his dreams.


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